How You Can Help

So far, all of us are running organizations for our day jobs, but we’d like to spend more time on this. Our immediate goal is to raise funds to support engagements with nonprofits working to end homelessness. We’re also raising funds to conduct research and qualitative interviews that will help pave the path forward as we more clearly frame the nuances of the problems. As we learn more and develop concrete experiments that we can run, we’ll be able to involve more people and offer them alternative ways to contribute, but this first step just requires some basic execution on our part, and that simply takes money.   

If you are ready to simply show your support, even with a token amount, you can donate to our non-profit partner, The Prosperity Agenda. Diana Dollar is the executive director and a member of Lantern Innovation Labs. You can specify that your dollars will all go to Lantern Innovation Labs. And while you are at it, they’ve got a great mission also. 

If you have something bigger in mind, perhaps a larger contribution or an introduction to someone who can make one, let’s talk.